Materials/fitting of memorial tree: £100 (Tree made from cast acrylic) 

Cost of A4 slate dedication plaque: £25 

Copyright Gerard Fleming. All rights reserved.

The 'Weegie' Board

Own Design Fridge magnets

Shield engraving - In progress

Laser engraver top currently being modified to enable large shield to be engraved

Gamer's Dice Box/Jail

Dice sizer

Custom Orders

We believe that product lists shouldn't hinder your imagination. Although as standard we customise all of our products, we also love branching outside the box and creating items to allow our customers vision to come to life! To date, creations such as this have included dice boxes, axe handle engravings, the building of a community memorial tree and subsequent name plaques, a wooden Mayan calendar, a Glaswegian inspired Ouiga ('Weegie') board, personalised Irish dance shoe keepsakes. 

​​The products shown on our pages are example engravings but you can have anything you can think of engraved onto these products and this is included in the price shown!

Govanhill Community Memorial Tree

Example lid designs

Single item £4

Discount available for bulk orders

Axe handle engraving

Dice jail

Finished Dice box - customisable padded leather insert 

Wooden Mayan Calendar

Dice box with customised engraved lid: £15

Dice jail: £10

Wooden business cards

Irish dance shoe keepsakes